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Señorita Pincho

Señorita Fernanda Pincho was born in the Basque town of San Sebastien in 1902. She worked along side her family in their traditional family restaurant. They were famous for the balanced perfection of the Basque region but Fernanda yearned to experiment and try new recipes. Her creations were magical but her father insisted that change would be bad for business.

Fernanda worked quietly until one day she asked her father if she could travel. She was desperate to see the world and taste all it’s flavours but this idea was meet with amusement. Her father laughed and said, ‘Girls simply can not travel on their own, it’s dangerous’.

Fernanda wrinkled her nose and said to herself, ‘hmm girls can’t… but boys can’, and so began her transformation from Fernanda to Fernando.  Dressed as a boy she traveled the world, crossing every border to taste and experience different flavours. She met master chefs from across the globe and and revelled in acquiring new skills.

One day, after traveling by train through the Orient, she arrived at her destination to discover that her bags had been stolen. Penniless and homeless, she stood slumped against the station house. At the end of the platform the circus carriages where unhitching and preparing to set up the marquee. Without a moment to loose, Señorita Pincho bounded enthusiastically up to the ring master and offered her services as a chef. The potbellied master was only too glad to take her on for food and board and thus began her career in catering.

She used her experiences to create the most astonishing dishes. All of the circus performers loved her culinary genius. The plate spinners from China said it reminded them of home. ‘Non, non’, said the french trapeze artists, ‘ this food is French’. Soon the tent was a cacophony of voices claiming the food had origins from different countries.

In order to appease the increasingly rowdy crowd, the ring master stood up and announced, “we are all from different places around the world and yet we live in harmony as a Circus family. Señorita Pincho’s food is simply a reflection of this, a food circus, if you will. I suggest we don’t try to categorise her diverse creations. We will simply call it Pinchos. A mysterious food circus of the palate!”.

The marquee roared with approval and Pinchos was born.

Pinchos is a tribute to Fernanda Pincho’s sense for flavour, life and adventure. It’s decor is a inspired by her her tales and all of those colourful characters she was honoured to meet during her affair with the circus.